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“At the forefront of our services are programs designed to lower your monthly payments on your credit cards and/or student loans.”

We know How To Help

An actual client example:


Current Federal student loan payment


new monthly payment

We have gathered together a savings club of benefits never seen before that could save you hundreds of dollars amonth. Along with tha consolidation we offer the services below along with your entry into one of our debt reduction programs.

How It Works

Sign up for our program and we will do a budget analysis to see if you can have your credit cards and/or student loan consolidated.  If you qualify great! You can start enjoying lower payments and a great group of benefits.

Cost of membership varies depending on whether you are eligible for student loan relief and/or credit card consolidation.  There is a one time fee for the student loan consolidation anywhere from $0 to $599 depending on the applicants circumstances.  Upon qualification we will enroll you into the Department of Education loan relief program that best suits you, sign you up for our suite of benefits and you will be paying less than you were for your monthly payment before our program.